Paper Plane Workshop


Graphic Facilitation Skills

As the principle of Paper Plane, Nicola couples her own experience from eighteen years in sales and marketing at IBM and Microsoft with Graphic Facilitation skills.


Tom Moult

Believe me; I’ve sat through a few unproductive meetings. It was fantastic then to come across Paper Plane. They understand the issues, motivate all the attendees and make sure that the end result is an actionable outcome.

Mark Iles

Using Paper Plane to facilitate our planning workshop led to results we’d never have managed on our own. It also allowed me to participate in the thinking rather than running the meeting. Paper Plane is well worth the investment.

Paul Dow

The use of logical processes in a visual manner ensures the sessions deliver outcomes that the attendees can visualise and buy into. Visual methodology crosses all levels and responsibilities and provides a common way to communicate thoughts hence making an aligned outcome more likely.

Angela Larkin

We really thought in a different space and it helped us to approach issueconstructively rather than defensively. Thanks – the best one I’ve been to yet!

Gregory Moo

I was very pleased with the outcomes. We have a broad agenda and a diverse group of stakeholders and I think the workshop allowed us to identify the core priorities to move ICT forward in education.

Christine Gardner

We would never have advanced our collective thinking, nor made the commitments to action we did as a team without Paper Plane’s expert facilitation. You waste so much time (equal to money!) by not using professional facilitation of this kind.

Nicola Bailey

As the principle of Paper Plane, Nicola couples her own experience from eighteen years in sales and marketing at IBM and Microsoft with Graphic Facilitation skills.

Paper Plane offers three things:

Graphic Facilitation


Every business faces huge challenges in communication. Team meetings and off-sites tend to be long drawn out processes and are usually complicated, with lots of ideas offered and argued about.

We bring ideas to life, simplify complex concepts, and present information visually and vividly to help groups achieve their desired outcomes and arrive at a plan of action.

Graphic Facilitation Skills Training

Having your most important workshops facilitated by a professional makes them more engaging, effective and productive. So it is not surprising that after a Paper Plane facilitated session, many clients want their own people to learn the skills and techniques to make their own group work more successful.

Paper Plane runs two day in-house training sessions for a maximum of twelve people.


Graphic Recording

If you already have a facilitator, but want to add some powerful visuals to the session, Paper Plane can provide Graphic Recording.

This means that a map of your conversations and discussions will be recorded, in real-time and in front of everyone, so that you have a visual summary of what was said and how progress developed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a group needs to accomplish something very important together, such as create a 5-year strategic plan, or plan a big project, or forge a strategic alliance, I am hired to facilitate the process to achieve the desired outcomes. I use large graphical charts to give a framework to the activities and to record the discussions, decisions, plan of action, next steps. With an independent facilitator managing the process, the group can, without distraction, fully participate in the content.

With the help of large hand drawn charts, I focus the group, show them the shape of their work and document their accomplishments.  The charts are large – about 2 metres wide by 1 metre deep. I will use text and drawings to capture the discussion.

I am a graphic recorder and a graphic facilitator. A graphic recorder is a silent partner. They will be working on the wall but will rarely engage with the group unless they need to ask a clarifying question. I manage everything about the meeting from creating the agenda, talking to all the participants in advance, setting up the venue, hand drawing charts and templates, framing activities, recording on large charts, injecting humour, pulling everything together to finish on time and creating the report which includes processed photographs of all charts/posters and people.  All you need to do is to be really clear about the purpose of the workshop, and what the desired outcomes are, and then get the people in the room on the day.  After that relax, you are in safe, experienced hands.