Nicola Bailey

Innovation and Creativity Will Change your Meeting Dynamics Forever!

Hello, my name is Nicola, I am a professional meeting and graphic facilitator and the founder of Paper Plane, a company designed to encourage visual thinking, generate game changing ideas and accommodate successful strategic planning.

Meetings should be simple, creative and highly effective, but in reality, very often, they are the opposite – routine, ineffective and unproductive.

That’s where the Paper Plane concept comes in. It combines my expertise in group dynamics with the use of creative graphic tools to either actively facilitate and drive your meeting, or if you have your own facilitator graphically record your meeting. 

Both concepts work very well with small and large teams and create powerful progress that encourages participation and involvement, unlocks individuals’ potential, consolidates commitment, and brings about innovative results.  Graphic recording and graphic facilitation bring ideas to life, simplify complex concepts, illustrate and communicate information and vividly help teams meet their goals.

Paper Plane’s graphic recording and graphic facilitation programs accommodate meetings, workshops, seminars and sessions and specialises in the facilitation of

  • Strategic Vision
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Project Planning
  • Deployment Projects

My background

With eighteen years in sales and marketing working for IBM and Microsoft, I understand what you are looking for in a meeting or strategic session, and I am passionate to help you and your team achieve your goals.

I am certified IAF Professional Facilitator, and have trained with The Grove in San Francisco, Meeting Magic in the UK, Loosetooth in Chicago and Open Space Works in Australia. I also hold a BA (Hons) degree in Social Science and Business Studies.

..and to answer the question I am most frequently asked …

No, I am not a consultant, and I am not giving advice or telling you what you should do.

As Graphic Facilitator, I discuss goals, expectations and required outcomes with you, and once I have made sure I fully understand your requirements, I facilitate your meeting by encouraging team participation, extracting ideas and concepts and helping your team achieve great results.

Paper Plane will take your communication to new heights

Graphic facilitation techniques have been proven to increase engagement, align and coordinate diverse views and bring effectiveness, vitality and creativity into decision-making processes. Since 2003, organisations across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and Singapore have worked with Paper Plane.

Let me assist you in meeting your goals and objectives. I’d be delighted to show you what Graphic Facilitation can do for you!


Paper Plane clients include:


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