“The report looks amazing and the chaos I felt on the day is all of a sudden ordered. Thank you for pulling it all together so quickly, it is very much appreciated. I love what you do and see enormous value in it.”   Zoë Pavy

“Dear Nicola and Marianne, I’m in the training room at present reading all your terrific graphics and reflecting on the last 3 days.  I would like you to know that your work is exceptional and the feedback has been wonderful. Congratulations and thank you for all your effort and contribution. Annalise Jennings

“Hello Nicola, thank you for a job well done.  We have reflected on your work and can now appreciate the full value of your wonderful contribution to our most important Strategic Plan. The Traditional Owners thank you and Marianne for your friendly, happy and engaging participation and exciting result. Geoffrey J Doyle

“I worked with Nicola for our Regional HR Strategic Planning exercise. She facilitated the whole process using visual facilitation combined with graphic recording. The outcomes were excellent. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the unique facilitation and we got the results we needed. Nicola is an energetic and enthusiastic facilitator who can draw out meaningful conversations and discussions needed in the process. Thanks a lot, Nicola!”  Beng Cortes

“Many thanks for this report.  Often the “posters” from such sessions are relatively meaningless after the day, but these provide terrific ‘aide-memoires’ for our ongoing actions.”  Robyn Benjamin

“Believe me; I’ve sat through a few unproductive meetings. It was fantastic then to come across Paper Plane. They understand the issues, motivate all the attendees and make sure that the end result is an actionable outcome.”  Tom Moult

“Nicola is the best workshop facilitator I’ve worked with do far!  She always does an excellent job in getting the best out of all participants, bringing business partners and clients closer to each other and solving issues and roadblocks to clear the path to joined future success.  Highly recommended!”  Patrick Driessen

“Thank you for a fantastic day yesterday, very impressed with what we got done and how much fun it was.”  Sarah Hatcher

“Nicola is an accomplished & competent graphic facilitator. She was able to get workshop attendees to work together to produce meaningful workshop outputs from her sessions. Her graphic charts were very useful which helped the group to focus on the session’s objectives. Attendees were able to work with ease even on heavy topics such as team planning meetings.  Nicola was appreciative of the sensitivities & culture of the group she was working with. Her appropriate good sense of humour is contagious and her relaxed nature helped attendees feel comfortable which put her in good light.”  Masitah Babjan

“We would never have advanced our collective thinking, nor made the commitments to action we did as a team without Paper Plane’s expert facilitation. You waste so much time (equal to money!) by not using professional facilitation of this kind.”  Christine Gardner

“Thanks Nicola. It was great catching up with you again. Thanks for your help with the day. It was a huge success!”  Inese Kingsmill

“Really enjoyed the process – excellent preparation.”  Michelle Feros

“Thanks Nicola, I think you did a great job on Friday with some difficult and strong personalities. Regards”  Mark Johnston

“Nicola, I was very pleased with the outcomes. We have a broad agenda and a diverse group of stakeholders and I think the workshop allowed us to identify the core priorities to move ICT forward in education.”  Gregory Moo

“The use of logical processes in a visual manner ensures the sessions deliver outcomes that the attendees can visualise and buy into. Visual methodology crosses all levels and responsibilities and provides a common way to communicate thoughts hence making an aligned outcome more likely.”  Paul Dow

“We really thought in a different space and it helped us to approach issues constructively rather than defensively. Thanks – the best one I’ve been to yet!”  Neil Jackson

“We used Paper Plane to manage our team charter planning session. Because we had three different groups of stakeholders – the account team, the customer and our partner – it was important we found a solution that satisfied everyone’s goals. The facilitated process really helped us work together to agree on the areas of focus in a way that gave everyone input into the final plan.”  Angela Larkin

“Nicola is a passionate inspiration! I’ve worked with her as a colleague at Microsoft and as a fabulous facilitator. She is able to bring structure and process to end up with a great, S.M.A.R.T., actionable plan – even when you have a room full of opinionated A-type people. I’d highly recommend Nicola.”  Sarah Theiss

“Nicola is an accomplished graphic facilitator. She has a real passion and enthusiasm for helping groups achieve results in a manner that creative and engaging.”  Katherine Woods

“Across complex enterprise, small and medium business and not for profit assignments, I have engaged Nicola’s services to ensure internal and external alignment through workshops that bring people on the same page. Nicola brings a rare skill on all our workshops – facilitation of a pre-agreed agenda and keeps you to time whilst bringing the whole group on the journey. That’s where most facilitators stop. Nicola goes the extra mile, documenting the output of the meeting so anyone that needs to understand what happened at the meeting who couldn’t attend can quickly understand who was there and what was done.”  Oscar Trimboli

“Nicola is a delight to work with. She sees things differently which helps clients to look outside the square with more confidence. She has a great sense of humour and is a true professional in every sense of the word.”  Julianne Bell

“I worked extensively with Nicola, assisting her in some elements of establishing Paper Plane. I was always impressed with Nicola’s thoroughness in preparation for her facilitations and with her follow-through with clients after meetings. She successfully facilitated meeting members to reach their agreed upon objectives, even when members had opposing ideas. I would definitely recommend investing in the services of Nicola at Paper Plane if you want to guarantee a well-run and effective meeting.”  Dana Strong

“Nicola uses great skill and finesse to enable disparate organisations to come together, listen to their colleagues and foster workable relationships that ultimately drive focused outcomes. The special ingredient is her innate ability to support participants ‘calling out the dead moose’, critical to enabling these work-groups to engage effectively.”  Michael Fuller

“Nicola is a fantastic facilitator who can really get results and make sure your meeting is productive!”  Danielle Stein Fairhurst

“As someone that regularly presents to organisations and individuals I was aware that using multiple presentation techniques and formats was critical. I approached Nicola with a challenge, how can I update and enhance my presentations in order to make them interesting and easier to understand for the attendees. Nicola provided me the guidance and the tools that resulted in my presentations receiving higher satisfaction scores by the attendees than in the past. If you are a regular presenter and are looking for new ways to enhance your presentations don’t hesitate to contact Nicola and ask how she can help.”  Thomas Kablau

Testimonials for Training

“Thank YOU for a fun day on Friday, filled with lots of knowledge and tips! I learnt so much and cannot thank you enough! I had a great day of facilitation yesterday, putting many if my newly acquired skills to good use. I had so much fun & my participants were super impressed! Thank you too for your hospitality and the beautiful catering. I really appreciate it so much! You do such a great job Nicola & thank you for inspiring me with your passion. Megan Stephenson

Thank you Nicola for such a brilliant day! The tools that I learnt at the workshop will be so useful for my learners especially in taking engagement to a whole another level! I didn’t think I could draw but you have proven me wrong! Thank you for making it so enjoyable! Christine Gan

A huge thanks from me for the course last week.  I loved your style, your passion and the way you shared so much of your knowledge with us.”  Lizz Robb

“Thanks again for a fantastic couple of days – it was the best course I’ve attended in years and I’ve recommended the training to everyone I’ve met 🙂 Cheers”  David McIlroy

“Hello Nicola, I’d like to thank you for your wonderful session last week in Melbourne. I really enjoyed both the session and your facilitation style. Many organisations would benefit from this session and I intend to pass your details onto all my contacts in organisations here. It was fantastic to meet you and I hope we meet again!”  Judy Greenslade

“I had a one-on-one coaching session with Nicola in April 2011 – I can draw but recognised that I needed to develop my graphical facilitation skills to run group sessions.  Nicola exceeded my expectations – her engaging style and passion made this a truly fun and engaging event and I learned a huge amount of practical skill that I have been able to apply a number of times since.  She’s the kind of person that fires you up – a true expert in her field, brim full of practical advice, and an absolute pleasure to work with.”  Martin Coates

“Hello Nicola, thank you for a wonderful two day course last week; I got a lot out of it and really appreciate the time to practise and the individual hands on help we all received from you.  While I am a trainer and not a professional facilitator, there was a lot that I learned and took away from the course that is really useful to me in my work.”  Sonia Zavesky

“The new found skills that my learning & development team and I have obtained by attending a 2 day graphic facilitation workshop has been invaluable. We were able to take this skills immediately back to the workplace and enrich the way that we facilitate workshops and training sessions. At the beginning of the journey I could not draw – now when people see the graphic facilitation output – they ask if we got an artist in! Nicola is a fantastic facilitator making the session engaging, free from judgement for those that felt they could not draw, and fun! I have been recommending Paper Plane to anyone who will listen!!”  Sue-Anne Higgins

“Hi Nicola, absolutely awesome presentation at the AITD annual conference.  I really enjoyed it and I’m sure the tips and techniques will make a massive difference to the soon to be fantastic flips.”  Anthony McLean

“Nicola, I just wanted to let you know that the Graphic Facilitation Master class exceeded my expectations.  Your delivery of the course was fantastic and I was blown away at how much I didn’t know about the ‘simple things’.  I’ll be able to use these new skills to enhance my own presentations straight away.”  Jim Leone

“I would strongly recommend Nicola Bailey – she is based in Sydney – she came to Perth to present a workshop because so many of us were impressed with the session she ran at the Geelong AFN conference.  It’s fun and incredibly useful – she teaches the technique to lots of corporations too as well as using it to facilitate.”  Paddi Brown

“Thanks for the last two days training.  I enjoyed having some time out of the office and learning new skills.  I found your energy and enthusiasm infectious.  I will be using some of the graphical approaches to add some meaningful novelty to my workshops and programs.”  Nina Terrey

“Hi Nicola, thanks again for the graphic facilitation training – it was a great day and most of us have already put what we learnt into practice!”  Julia Brien

“We loved the Graphic Facilitation training thank you!  Immensely practical, totally engaging.  Full of useful info and ideas, from the micro (how to make your own sticky notes, any size, any paper) to the macro (planning, procedures, dealing with clients).”  Ros Byrne

“Just a quick note to say a big thank you for last week’s workshop.  I thoroughly enjoyed it; it was relaxed, enjoyable and gave me some great tools I am already putting to work…Ran a workshop today and they loved the graphics and colour!  Inspiring and fun day!  Thanks again!  Warm regards, Lisa”  Lisa Hoggard

“Nicola has provided invaluable support in developing my graphic facilitation skills. As a professional trainer and facilitator, I was looking for a way to enhance the learning experience for clients. Nicola has helped me not only develop new skills, but actually use them! I have benefited from both the group training and the one-on-one coaching Nicola provides. It is by far the best training I have attended – both in terms of enjoyment AND skill development. Through demonstration and encouragement, Nicola creates a wonderful learning environment, where attendees can quickly push the boundaries of what they think they can do. I believe that everyone who attends Paper Plane training will leave feeling inspired and equipped to implement new skills straight away. I am constantly amazed at Nicola’s skill in engaging an audience and facilitating interaction – she is a truly gifted professional.”  Roz Lindsay

“I thoroughly enjoyed Nicola’s graphic facilitation workshop. It was a great combination of hands on practical skills including the graphic facilitation work as well as valuable insights into facilitating groups. It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t draw as Nicola has designed the workshop in a way which provides the individual with techniques which can be used by anyone as well as creating the opportunity for participants to find their own approach and style to presenting information and knowledge graphically.”  Cathryn Lloyd

“If you want a great introduction into the power of graphic facilitation in business, I would highly recommend Nicola’s training course. It’s insightful, hands-on, fun and interactive and participants leave with knowledge they can put to use straight away.”  Guy Downes

“I attended Nicola’s “Graphic Facilitation” workshop and it changed the way I looked at facilitation and training development. The skills are easy to apply and fun to work with, all you need is an open mind and a pinch of creativity to get started down a path that will bring lasting results to your facilitation skills.”  Gavin Christison

“An excellent, well planned facilitation course for facilitators; adding graphic skills to your kit bag of practical skills plus good resources and time for some fun as well.”  Shirley Watters

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