Group Graphic Facilitation Training

Learning visual facilitation skills equips you to run more creative meetings, training courses, and workshops.  Why?  People retain around 65% of what they see and only about 15% of what they hear.  The use of graphic language promotes lasting images and retention of ideas.  You will enjoy greater levels of engagement and appreciation.

I teach you how to prepare visual frameworks and capture peoples’ contributions live to improve understanding, communication, decision making, and problem solving.

No PowerPoint! We ditch the projector, pull up the blinds and get people engaged using paper and coloured markers!

The classes are highly experiential; lots of practice, lots of practical techniques.  I teach from experience not from theory and openly share techniques and tools that I use in my own job as full time visual facilitator.



Day one

  •       Understand the role of graphics in facilitation
  •       The fundamentals of working large scale with rolls of paper and sticky notes
  •       Adopt visual planning models to prepare and frame workshops
  •       Learn to draw basic shapes, people and legible text
  •       Centre group work around prepared templates that focus discussion

Day two

  •       Create the right environment for productive group work
  •       Learn visual techniques that you can weave into your own work.
  •       Live practice dynamically capturing ideas and input at the wall on large paper
  •       Create graphic templates to frame breakout group work
  •       Learn useful icons, shading, shadowing and bordering techniques



  • Time: We usually start at 9am and finish at 4:30pm each day.
  • Venue: we need an area with lots of wall space, natural light, and flexible seating.
  • Charge: $12,500 plus GST for a maximum of 8 people.  The client provides the flights, hotel, venue and catering.
  • Dress code: casual and comfortable, we will spend a lot of time on our feet writing and drawing.
  • Bring: No need to bring anything – all workshop materials will be provided



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