Graphic Facilitation


Strategic visioning, planning, and brainstorming workshops are crucial to the success of organizations and businesses, but they also tend to be time consuming, and the value and practical deliverable of such sessions is a repeated concern of managers and meeting conveners.

Facilitation with Paper Plane was born out of the need of corporate clients to achieve tangible, actionable outcomes in a timely manner.

What exactly does ‘Facilitation’ mean? At Paper Plane, we define it as: ”Using a person who is not involved in the content of a discussion to help a group to meet its aims, by providing effective processes and structures.”

In a meeting or group session, the distinction between content and process is often unclear, and this can be the cause of unproductive outcomes. It can be difficult to manage effective process and structures, as you are probably too involved in the content and desired outcome. A facilitator, in contrast, controls the process, so you can concentrate on content and goals.

Graphic Facilitation takes the process a step further

A graphic facilitator manages the group process and draws out and involves attendees in creating the shared output by using graphics. Graphic charts are the key tools utilized to set up the meeting, to frame the group sessions, and to capture output – by the facilitator and the participants.

What are the benefits of using a Graphic Facilitator?

Humans are hard-wired to be visual. So when you look at your contributions appearing onto a large graphic you can literally SEE that you have been heard. Being asked to record your own contributions provides a real sense of commitment and ownership. As all the information is visible at one glance, it is so much easier to understand how different aspects inter-relate. You can literally SEE the concept that you are discussing. As the meeting is recorded right in front of you and everyone else, the agreements that are made are much more likely to stick! When you can SEE what you are agreeing to, it gives you an opportunity to speak up if there are still issues to resolve.

Graphic Facilitation with Paper Plane means

  • Working together with you to thoroughly prepare for your session
  • Agreeing on a planned agenda
  • Facilitating your meeting and keeping you to schedule
  • Helping your team identify core priorities, remove roadblocks and solve issues
  • Producing actionable outcome
  • Delivering excellent follow-up documentation

“We would never have advanced our collective thinking, nor made the commitments to action we did as a team without Paper Plane’s expert facilitation. You waste so much time (equal to money!) by not using professional facilitation of this kind.”  Christine Gardner

“Nicola is an accomplished & competent graphic facilitator. She was able to get workshop attendees to work together to produce meaningful workshop outputs from her sessions. Her graphic charts were very useful which helped the group to focus on the session’s objectives. Attendees were able to work with ease even on heavy topics such as team planning meetings.  Nicola was appreciative of the sensitivities & culture of the group she was working with. Her appropriate good sense of humour is contagious and her relaxed nature helped attendees feel comfortable which put her in good light”. Masitah Babjan

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